About John Paul

About John Paul Endicott

Every so often, a person who is endowed with an enduring drive to improve their surrounding community comes along and acts upon this goal to make it become a reality. This person was John Paul Endicott. A former master's student in the horticulture program at Temple University’s School of Environmental Design and a video production engineer. After traveling to over 30 different countries, and living in the Czech Republic, John Paul gained deeper insight into global trends and patterns. Possessing a deep fondness for nature and a belief that people should connect to their natural environment.

Subscribing to the African philosophy of Ubuntu which states “I am what I am because of who we all are” and building from his own experiences of traveling, John Paul realized that he could use his own love of nature and horticultural knowledge to help the greater community of Ambler, Pa. In order to achieve his goal, he and fellow students, teachers, and volunteers maintained a plot in the community gardens in the food crops garden of Temple University School of Environmental Design located in Ambler, Pa. The produce that was grown and harvested in this garden plot was donated to a local food cupboard called the Mattie N. Dixon Cupboard.

These local donations were the beginning of Joh Paul’s mission to giving people in need access to healthy, organically grown fruits and vegetables. Sadly, John Paul passed away in a motor vehicle accident in July of 2010. However, with the combined efforts of both Temple University’s School of Environmental Design and his friends and family, John Paul’s vision and legacy continues to thrive.

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